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We really love what we do

Our name – Cony, comes from the partial tone of founder’s daughter’s name – Ke Ni. “It means cute girl in Chinese, in fact she is.” said founder M.T. Leung.

What we offer


RFID Wristband

Plastic Card

Card Reader

Bill Printer


POS Device

Here are four things to love about Conytech

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Our Team

M.T. Leung    ( founder )

A power woman with 10+ years exporting expericense, it taken less than 2 years to became the sales director due to her outstanding performance. She can  handle customers easily even it’s most difficult client, a skill that would normally take years to learn, but for her it seemed to be born with.

Established Conytech in 2013, and has been keen to provide customers with the best quality and the most professional service.

Y.H. Zou    ( co-founder & sales director )

Nearly 20 years of sales experience, working as consultant for several companies.

K.P. Chow    ( co-founder & operation manager )

A mysterious guest with multiple identities, lecturer, consultant, and partner. With a calm mind, he can predict the market trends accurately, timely adjust the direction and provide series of new solutions.

He’s our ace in the hole.

Bryant Gael    ( design director )

A foreign designer with years of cooperation, add many foreign popular elements into our designs, customers love it a lot.