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Why Conytech?

An international large card production enterprise integrating card design and manufacturing.

Cony Technology Limited is an international company, who focus on RFID field since 2010, serving and exporting to more than 60 countries world-wide during passed years. With our long-established manufacturing experience in product finishing and packaging technique, we provide a unique one-stop product solution. Covering product designing, data analysis, customer service, advanced production technology, and transportation.

Besides, we have a very good sourcing ability from the Chinese market, so that we can meet the extra needs of other products if the customers really need our help. We pride ourselves in a commitment to excellent customer service, by offering large capacity manufacturing – tailored to your needs.

Company has a series of advanced manufacturing equipments, our products have the advantages of standard material, reliable performance and durability.

At present, the equipments we have: German Heidelberg Full Color Printer,  Japan Automatic CTP Publisher, Automatic Laminator, Automatic Chip Testing Machine, Automatic Punching Machine, DOD & Laer Code Machine, Inkjet & Labeling Machine, Automatic Dispending Machine, Inlay Production Line, and Special-shaped Card Production Line.

As we trust you can see, our cards are of the highest quality and truly make a statement about your business.

At the same time of increasing hardware investment, the company strives to enrich software investment. At present, ERP intelligent management and 7S standard management are fully implemented.

We have attracted and trained a number of excellent staff with passion and creativity, and formed a strong core management team. Strive hard, pay pains, win the word of mouth with action, and create glory by heart and blood.

We have one main rule in our team: we don’t give plastic card products to our clients that we wouldn’t be happy to use ourselves.


The benefits in use

  • Each item can individually be labelled.
  • Does not require a line of sight access to be able to read tags.
  • Reader and tag communication are not orientation sensitive.
  • The tag can trigger security alarm systems if removed from its correct location.
  • Automatic scanning and data logging is possible without human intervention.
  • An RFID system can increase productivity both goods and information are handled more efficiently.
  • Each tag can have a unique product code and still hold more information in an internal memory bank.
  • Tag internal data can be comprehensive, unique in parts/common in parts, and is compatible with data processing in ERP system.
  • System provides a high degree of security and product authentication – a tag is more difficult to counterfeit than a simple barcode.
  • The supporting data infrastructure can allow data retrieval & product tracking anywhere provided the reader is close enough to the tag.
  • An RFID system makes it easier to respond to new circumstances as a result of information gained from the supply networks, Less errors, higher reliability – no human intervention needed for reading the data, Improved visibility and traceability – process monitoring, tracking of shipments and assets.

Voice of Our Customers

I’ve now ordered 3 sets of gift card and 10 set of rfid access cards. All of these orders have turned out amazing! Make sure you follow the guidelines on the FAQ page. If you have, your prints will definitely look amazing!

Mr. Jonathan Martinez, Unite States

We’re new and small company in printing here, thanks Conytech gave us lots of helps, they’re so nice, even i asked a “stupid” question.

Miss. Jessica Campbell, United Kingdom

Conytech gave us quick feedback and professional advice, helping us to growing up, thank you all.

Mr. Lucas Marcham, Canada